The Zurnal AAI is a periodical printed peer-reviewed scientific and technical magazine. Its main content is publications of scientific works of scientists working in the automotive and related engineering industries and national economy. Formed in 1991. Six issues per year.

Index 80932 in the catalog of the Agency ROSPECHAT Newspapers. Magazines

The Zurnal AAI is included into the list of editions recommended by Higher Attestation Commission for the publication of scientific articles.

The Zurnal AAI is one of the editions of the Automobile Engineers Association , which prime goal is to promote professional cooperation of specialists of automotive and petroleum industries, transport, science and also specialist in the scope of research training, specialized institutions and representatives of the authorities. The Automobile Engineers Association is a member of The International Federation of Automotive Engineers (FISITA), and also has bilateral relations with a number of National Societies, such as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers, USA), VDI (Association of German Engineers), and others.

The primary audience of the Zurnal AAI is engineers and technical specialists of the automotive industry, scientists, experts, students and graduates of higher education institutions, as well as representatives of the authorities responsible for the development of the traffic industry and road transport.

The main goal is a promotion among professionals and young scientists of the new scientific knowledges in the field of automotive technologies, improvement of the vehicles efficiency, safety and including environmental.

Almost 90 issues of the Zurnal AAI has been published for about 25 years. Among our authors are prominent scientists and also young people, for which the publication in our magazine is often a first attempt at writing.